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Bronze pendant "Linden" small

23.95 €

Product Code: Balt-rot-3

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Bronze pendant "Linden"

Length: 2 cm
The linden in her feminine strength takes lead with trees. Finely detailed with her ribbed leaves and many shoots, yet very dense in her large crown. The linden, with her beautiful force inhibits not only the forests, but opens gates and paths in many country homes and cottages. Her shade cools the heat stroked city parks. It always invites people to dip their souls into the bounty of nature by offering her healing blossoms for winter evening teas. Care and respect for the neighbor. The linden is also happy to grow in the shade of an oak, because the giving nature of the linden leaves in the fall give much necessary nutrients for both trees. An honorable and fitting pair. Taking care of one another, in conjunction. Aligned. 


Made: Baltic Jewellery