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Aromatic bracelet "Eclipse" white

65.00 €

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Savoni Boutique fragrance jewellery is a unique and different way to use your favorite fragrances safely and elegantly, preventing the harmful components of the scent from getting on your skin.

Gold plated 18k

High-quality, stainless steel bracelet.

The bracelet diameter is 18cm but can be expanded up to 21 cm. You can squeeze it as small as necessary to fit perfectly on your hand .

With the fragrance bracelet, you will receive one felt pad and one ceramic fragrance disk on which you apply your own fragrance or essential oil blends.

How to use it? 

1 – Twist is to put on your hand.

2 – Remove the cap by unscrewing it.

3 – Spray your fragrance of drop few drops of essential oil on the feld pad or ceramic disk.

You can use this fragrance bracelet with your favorite fragrances, or essential oil blends.

Protects your skin - works as a barrier between your skin and chemical elements in the perfumes. 

Keeps the scent of your favorite perfume for up to one week.

Elegant design that suits any style of clothing, complementing it perfectly.